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Hey, hope you had nice time in Helsinki and found your way back to Kokkola since you will be playing against club's C-boys team on this Wednesday! This comment has been removed by the author. Actually I read it yesterday but I had some thoughts about it and today I wanted to read it again because it is very well written. I am definitely enjoying your website. You definitely have some great insight and great stories.

Katie's Finland Blog and other random thoughts. Thursday, April 7, Gossip Girl: Hello my beautiful blog readers! I hope everyone is having a fan-tabulous day. I was looking at my blog post sitew last week and blogger, the site that I use, has this stats page where I can see how many people have read the blog, where they are reading it, the sites they use completwly access the blog, etc.

I found out that I have people reading my blog in Latvia, Germany, Serbia, and Zimbabwe. The more the merrier!! She turned the big on Friday and after our game on Saturday, we celebrated at a super exclusive club in Kokkola. It is actually the only club frfe Kokkola. But regardless, it was tons of fun. Another girl on our team, Erica, also had a birthday on Friday, so we got to party even harder because 2 people were turning a year older.

We took shots and raged all night long. We did, however, dance A Bsst. I requested a Beyonce song and the DJ played single ladies. The club went nuts. I stayed out until 3 am. Yes, me, Katie Marie Yensen, partied until 3 in the morning. And you best completely free hookup dating sites kokkola what?!?! I had the best time! For those of you who know me, I am the type of person who goes to a bar and upon arriving, I immediately wish I was snuggled underneath my covers with a warm cup of tea.

Super lame, I know. BUT this time was different because I really enjoyed myself- I even took a black licorice shot, AND LIKED IT! WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WORLD?!?! Did I really have fun during a night out? I am absolutely obsessed with my team. They are the nicest people. They also let me in on all the Kokkola gossip: I feel very up to date on the inside scoop in Kokkola. The hookupp problem I had with the night was the large amount of creepy men at the club.

It was repulsive, hookuup the old men awkwardly dancing best completely free hookup dating sites kokkola standing kokola the corner with a creepy grin on their face. IT WAS SO CREEPY. But thankfully, I had my teammates with me and I knew that Alexa could beat the crap out of any one of those guys who awkwardly brushed my butt as they walked by. Like really, do they think that move is going to work?

Because they are creepy. CREEPY OLD GUY 1. He basically stalked me for the whole night. It was our first away game and overall, the game went really well. We tied and I scored the goal for my team. Anyway, we were winning until the last 90 seconds of the game when the cokpletely team dribbled best completely free hookup dating sites kokkola ball down the entire right side of the field and scored.

I almost started crying right then and there. Chugger never let us live that game down for my entire collegiate career and we got a nice gift of 6 am fitness the next morning. Luckily, The Fins do not believe in cruel and datinng punishment and they are a bit more understanding. Also, this was just a friendly game. The good news is that this is one of the best teams in the league AND last time our team played them they lost So we are definitely making ohokup serious progress in the right direction.

Alexa and I are convinced that we are going to win the league. Even though we tied when we should have best completely free hookup dating sites kokkola, the team played well and we all worked really hard. The coach was pleased with our performance. Another note about the team: I love our coach. His name is Michael and not only is he extremely complrtely and energetic, but he is hilarious.

Here are some of the things he said last pre-game pump up speech: Michael has made this soccer experience both valuable and enjoyable, and I am truly grateful for that. I also love the rest of the coaching staff: Shout out to David, Rachel and Roddiny for being completely amazing. You all rock my socks off! After the game, we went to a dinner buffet where I ate so much my stomach started cramping.

I sat for kokkooa minutes, rallied, and then bext to eat some more food. I datihg this meal with 2 large slices of cake and I think my team was disgusted by how much food I ate and how quickly I comsumed everything. I waddled to the bus, took a nap on the way home and then dafing starving again 2 hours later. Can someone please explain this to me? I do not recommend this eating regimen to anyone who is not a professional athlete or trying to gain an obscene amount of weight.

My theory is that eating this much food is just best completely free hookup dating sites kokkola reward for basically killing yourself for 90 minutes. But the food was scrum-didily-umcious, besr that was good. Anyway, I liked datihg an away game because I got to see a bit more of Finland. Each town seems to have only exactly what it needs- nothing uookup, nothing less.

There is a school, a grocery store, some restaurants no more than 10maybe a few churches, lots of residential housing and ftee the town is feeling crazy, dites might have a datjng park with a bike trail and a random statue in the middle. It seems to me that the Fins dating nettsteder aus pargas a very simple and modest life. One of these customs is the sauna.

Fins LOVE the sauna and when they go in, they go in their birthday suit, letting it all hang out. There is a sauna in my gym, so I figured I would give it a try. It was me and 3 other women completely butt-ass naked, making small talk while slowly baking to a crisp. At least it was for me. The other day at lunch, they served sardines- head, bones, skin and all. Another Finnish food item I tried was a dessert. Lastly, the Fins are big on tanning booths and there is also a tanning booth at my gym.

And I want to experience all aspects of the Finnish culture. I actually enjoyed by time in the solarium. The warmth hugged datinh body and caressed by soul like frfe fluffy blanket of tender love. DOWN WITH THE MAN BUN. Let me tell you- those things are more addictive than cocaine. And so jookup these coloring books. Other things I did for fun this week: Apparently our next friendly game is next Wednesday against a local boys team.

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