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Please refresh the page and retry. F eminists have striven for decades to emancipate women sexually, but when it comes to casual promiscuity, the female of the species is still more straight-laced than the male. And evolution is to blame. Women are evolutionary programmed to regret one night standswhile men have evolved to regret not having more of them, a study suggests.

O nly one in three women said they were happy about their casual sex experiencecompared to more than 50 per cent of men. However far more men regret saying no to a one night stand than women. Eight in 10 women said they were glad that they had said no to a recent opportunity for casual sex, compared to just 43 per cent of men.

They are also less unequivocally happy about the experience. T he team said there are a number of reasons which make women more unhappy about casual sexual encounters, including the fact that women worry more in general about making spontaneous decisions, and mostly do not engage in actions which put them in danger. Men in the study were also found to enjoy the actual sex more, with more men saying they had achieved orgasm than women.

M en can theoretically father thousands of children and are only limited by the supply of willing, fertile women. In the past those who could reproduce freely could have so many children that it would not matter if some did not survive. These evolutionary selection pressures have created a male sexual mind that is attentive to sexual opportunities. F or most women through the generations, their goal is to secure a partner of high quality who was willing to invest more in their children together, menn tror one night stands lieto who did not waste resources by getting involved with other women and their potential children.

This fact makes the findings on sex differences in sexual regret in modern Norwegian people so fascinating scientifically. The researchers menn tror one night stands lieto that cultural changes since the s have not altered underlying gender differences in how men and women view sex. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the menn tror one night stands lieto. Click here for instructions.

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This entry was posted in Cc Deitti. By continuing, your consent is assumed. Share this article with Facebook Share this article with Twitter Share this article with Google Plus Share this article with Whatsapp Share this article through email Share this article through sms. One Night Stand Lyrics Keri Hilson. He might be ashamed of his Batman sheets at home, or the tacky motel he chose, or how he performed in bed. Sex One Night Stands Imatra. Once the acts starts, men also worry about lots of things — sexually transmitted diseases , pregnancy, his performance in bed, and even his size down there.

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