Ultimate Sex Kontakter Vantaa

SEX FACTOR DARK SESSION AND BAGMAN. Their joined efforts resulted in a punishingly rugged and cruel debut ultimate sex kontakter vantaa which was released on Filth and Violence and instantly gained respect from lovers of depraved and in-your-face Power Electronics. I had kntakter talk with Steve and N. First of all, for all those who don't know you, who are you and what are your kontakted According to Discogs, you have sec recording under the name of Dark Session since The first and only release up to date is from What were ultimate sex kontakter vantaa reasons for the long waiting time?

First noisy recordings date back to the very beginning of and soon after I published my first experiments, Steve Bagman got in touch and things started to shape up. What kind of gear do you use to uotimate the sounds for Dark Session? I used synth quite a lot of in my past works but nowadays I prefer to work with various sound sources, combined with synth. What is the concept behind that particular release?

It works as documentation for my trip to Hell. Basically I recorded some material at Obscurex container, some at BU bunker and when I got home I went through it all and selected the best parts. Then I simply added it on my Bandcamp page until I decided its faith and soon enough I got contacted by few labels interested in releasing it. You seem to have pretty specific thoughts about the ideas behind Dark Session.

Can you describe the philosophy and what attracts jltimate to the topics you choose to discuss? However, I would never limit myself to these subjects as they are simply the ones that I currently feel very strongly about and have felt since to formation of DS. Dark Session is still in a pretty early stage. Where do you want to ultimate sex kontakter vantaa the project in the future? Unlike many other artists in the field, you don't release much.

Do you think that less is more? Is a high level of quality ultimate sex kontakter vantaa to you? The material has to satisfy me personally for it to be worthy of a release so in that sense high quality is important to me. You have already performed live in Vantaa. How was the gig seksia oulu haukipudas and what was it like? Could you imagine performing live more frequently?

I never thought about performing live ultimatr it just kind of happened. Everything went smoothly even though there were some technical issues on my part due to my inexperience. Maybe next time I can get it right, hah! You are one half of the ultimaate Sex Factor. How was the project born and what ultimtae the aims behind it? Sex Factor started to take its form soon after I ultimate sex kontakter vantaa published my first experiments. I find Sex Factor as somewhat a tribute to Filth and Violence and Finnish noise scene in general.

Are there any further Sex Factor releases planned? The Finnish PE and Noise scene seems to be pretty tight. What kind of experiences did you make at concerts and such? I hear that there was lots of hospitality. Most artists keep in touch with each other and gigs surely has all ultimate sex kontakter vantaa regular maniacs present. Who are your favourite noise konrakter and why? Keith Finnan STAB for finding perfect ultimate sex kontakter vantaa between his brilliant vocal delivery, analog synth destruction and those killer samples that he uses.

Martin Bladh IRM, MB, Skin Area for his intellectual and well thought through artistic vision. Mikko Aspa CoT, Grunt, N12 etc. Pasi Markkula BU, Snuff etc. Peter Henning Amph, MaB simply because Amph, Mirrors Are Black and his label, Sprachlos Verlag, are awesome. Honestly the okntakter could go on and on but aforementioned artists must be the most influential for me personally. That guy is a genius plus he just put out new Vetrophonia DVD on Zhelezobeton Film!

What made ultimate sex kontakter vantaa start it and what's the idea behind your activities on Youtube? My intention was to publish solely my own works but it soon got out of hand and now I have almost videos of which only ten or so are mine. Any last words, greetings etc? Much love to sez mate Steve for picking me up from the gutter and treating me like his own. Forever grateful to Pasi for all he has done for DS and Sex Factor.

Thanatische Manifestationen, I salute vanaa The concept kept the original "DIY" dex of punk, and has always been comprised of one take live recordings It has included albums, ep's, singles, splits, and self releases. Since kojtakter my work has matured into "[GoneDark]Bleach",and more recently been distilled into power electronics act "Stark". BAGMAN is your most prolific and best-known project. What made you start the project? How did you come up with the name and what kind of themes do you cover?

His vanntaa fascinated me, and even as ulti,ate hardcore lover of all things extreme, I found ultimare was a man who pushed ALL boundaries Apochryphal or not, this enigmatic tale resonated with me. Expressive sound art, ultiate matter what the style, needs to comprise of genuine emotions for me. My anger, mental troubles, obsessions, and addictions found an outlet thanks to a person who has made a lifetime legacy of esx darkest impulses.

Your latest project ultimaate called [Gone Dark]Bleach. What is the difference between BAGMAN and [GD]B? Did BAGMAN evolve into [GD]B, or do you see them as two separate projects? As more and more of my own personal experiences became notably relevant, the cantaa "BAGMAN" was no longer encompassing everything I wished to express, and the time felt correct for a change.

Also, I began to concentrate on utilising different sounds: The BAGMAN discography is very large, whereas that of [Gone Dark] Bleach consists of merely two albums. I recorded ALL "Bagman" material as a library of anything created. Since then, I have purified the ultimate sex kontakter vantaa of putting forth my inner emotions, and spent more time on preparing before I record.

This began with albums such as "Memento Mary". Extant tracks under the "[GD]B" moniker will be released as and when: The "Bleach" aspect has proved to be as cleansing as intended. You have referenced several films under the moniker of Bagman, i. What made you do this? As a child, these movies held great appeal,and I made it my goal to see the majority of things that I probably shouldn't.

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