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It is the smallest region of Finland , constituting 0. During the Finnish Civil War , in , Swedish troops intervened as a peacekeeping force between the Russian troops stationed on the islands and "White" and "Red" Finnish troops who came from Finland over the frozen sea. Show Menu Hide Menu. Finland, however, declined to cede the islands and instead offered them an autonomous status. In the Iron Age contacts to Scandinavia were increasing. Nevertheless, the residents did not approve the offer, and the dispute over the islands was submitted to the League of Nations. A combined British and French force of warships and marines captured and destroyed the fortress in as part of the campaign in the Baltic during the Crimean War. On the Finnish map, many smaller islands or skerries were, for technical reasons, given a slightly exaggerated size. The islands are considered a separate "nation" for amateur radio purposes and have their own callsign prefix granted by Finland, OH0 OF0 and OG0 last character is zero. WordPress Theme - Atwood by Themeora.

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