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Overall it was a great experience. Just being on a team with such a close knit group of guys, I learned a lot of life skills like dedication and commitment. Being able to manage school and hockey as well as the rest of your life sets you up well for the real world. You learn the product and sit down with the client to try and help solve their production needs. We design pumps for specific wells and apply them to help figure out each specific set of production needs. I was fortunate enough that Baker Hughes has given me a lot sr flexibility so that I am able to coach.

To be the Captain when we beat SAIT in the final. Of everything, that was hands down the best moment for me. They were a big rival, fog they had won the ACAC championship four years in a row. It felt great after things did not work out over there, to go across to Mount Royal and have success against them was amazing. Three years after my transfer I was able to defeat my old team, that was definitely a highlight, no question.

Are you still close with any former teammates? I still stay in touch with a lot of teammates from my first cougars ser for menn paimio of years. I am still in contact with a lot of guys even outside hockey. There are a lot of relationships at Mount Cougars ser for menn paimio over the jenn that I am still in contact with.

My advice would be to enjoy it while you are there, it goes by pretty fast. Just to live every moment and enjoy it the best you can. I think being prepared for life after hockey is very important but I think the school and hockey program do a lot of that for you. Mount Royal Composite Search Menu. Men's Sports Basketball Basketball Schedule Roster News.

Hockey Schedule Roster News. Soccer Schedule Roster News. Volleyball Schedule Roster News. Basketball Basketball Schedule Roster News. Social Media Photo Galleries Video Crowchild Classic Series Ticket and Parking Info CanadaWest. TV BLUE CREW Cubs Dance Team Saddledome Game Calvin the Cougar Shop Online CougNation On The Prowl Cougars ser for menn paimio App. Community Partners Name Your Game Cougars on the Court C is for Cougars Student Athlete Volunteering MRU Hockey Camps MRU Volleyball Camps MRU Basketball Camps MRU Soccer Camps.

Cougar Tracks Alumni Weekend Cougar Classic Golf Tournament Cougar Booster Club Adopt-A-Cougar GIVING TO MOUNT ROYAL Register as an Alumni Forever A Cougar. Basketball Men's Women's Hockey Men's Women's Soccer Men's Women's Volleyball Men's Women's. Cougar Tracks - February Edition: Darnell Glass Men's Hockey. Saskatchewan W, Final Seg BX RC.

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