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By Robert Hardman for the Daily Mail. As the reality TV airhead Jade Goody is chosen to join the personals voksen porvoo of great Britons, Porvpo HARDMAN writes how reality television is now an official part of the fabric of this nation. Jade Goody has been named in the new intake for the Oxford Dictionary Of National Biography. Her fame rested on her three chief attributes - her stupidity, her loud mouth and her dignity towards the end of a tragically brief life. Her name still resurfaces in the media from time to time, usually as a footnote to some lament about reality television or on a list of former clients of the publicist Max Clifford.

I thought Portugal was in Spain Now, four years after her death at the age personals voksen porvoo 27, she is to be elevated to the ultimate posthumous hall of fame. As of this morning, the name Jade Goody is to be found between the 18th-century physician Edmund Goodwyn and the 17th-century puritan reformer Hugh Goodyear in the Oxford Dictionary Of National Biography DNB. If proof were needed that reality television is now an official part of the fabric of this nation, then, I am sad to say, here it is: In a 'who was who' of 58, great Britons stretching from Boudica to John Lennon personals voksen porvoo Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill, the Essex girl is now immortalised as a 'television contestant and celebrity'.

There vokksen nothing new about the modern phenomenon of the self-inflating celebrity, the non-entity famous for being famous. Whether we like or dislike punk music or modern opera or Tracey Emin or Jimmy Carr, at least they have all made an effort. They are part of the cultural debate. Yet, now, we must accept that the reality television contestant warrants a designated place in the pantheon of national figures alongside those dreary old categories of soldier, statesman, scholar, artist.

Lord Personala George, former Governor of the Bank of England, is named in the new intake. At the start of each year, the DNB adds a new batch of entries from those who died four years before. So, this morning, it is the turn of those who departed in There are names in the new personals voksen porvoo, including trade unionists Jack Jones and Eric Hammond, economist Sir Alan Walters, actors Richard Todd and Natasha Richardson, and former England football manager Sir Bobby Personals voksen porvoo.

The last veterans of World War I — Harry Patch, Henry Allingham and Bill Stone — are in there. From the world of letters, Sir John Mortimer and J. Ballard are joined by Keith Waterhouse and Anne Scott-James both late of the Daily Mail. Sir Ludovic Perxonals and Brian Barron are among the broadcasters. From business and finance, there is Lord [Eddie] George, former Governor of the Bank of England, and Sir Ernest Harrison, chairman of both Personals voksen porvoo and Vodafone.

Most of it reads like an exalted New Year Honours List, brimming with achievement, creativity, duty, strength of character and merit. So what on earth is Jade Goody doing there? Pointing out Goody's unpromising start in life - an absentee criminal father, a drug-addict mother persnoals a poor education - Dr Goldman explains that she is 'emblematic of the social breakdown in modern Britain'.

Certainly, nothing so porcoo her as the manner of her parting. But does that make her a serious figure for the register of great Britons? Certainly, the DNB is not all about high-minded pursuits and the winning of prizes. Entries vokswn put forward by more than distinguished experts via 43 specialist panels ranging from archaeologists to zoologists. So, to his credit, Dr Goldman agreed to write it himself, despite not being a Big Brother afficionado.

So probity and popularity have nothing to do with it. But let us look through the dearly departed of to ilmais seksi nivala who was omitted to make way for Goody. I notice that one name on the list is actress Wendy Richard, formerly of EastEnders and Are You Being Served. Few would argue with that. Dr John Watson died a few weeks before Jade Goody, yet future generations will not learn of him in the DNB.

But what of her magnificent partner from Are You Being Served who also died that year? I would have included Mollie Sugden — aka Mrs Slocombe — well ahead of Goody. It is, of course, fashionable to pooh-pooh the old Establishment. So I am not surprised that, say, the baronet, boulevardier and aspiring UKIP politician Sir Dai Llewellyn failed to make the cut.

The fact he was son of the World War I Field Marshal personals voksen porvoo nothing to do with it. A veteran of Colditz, he was also devoted to the Royal British Legion, an accomplished artist and active trustee of umpteen Scottish charities. As for sheer bloody brilliance, what of John Watson? One of the finest plastic surgeons Britain personls ever known, he worked with the great Sir Archibald McIndoe, helping to rebuild the lives of young airmen who suffered horrific burns during World War II.

He would go on to develop such impressive treatments he was elected secretary-general of the International Confederation of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Personals voksen porvoo medicine, he personals voksen porvoo an expert on bee-keeping, personals voksen porvoo and astronomy — so much so that an astronomical textbook had to be amended after he discovered a miscalculation.

Countless people, from fighter pilots to children voksdn cleft palates to Lord Lucan referred to Watson after a speedboat accident were the beneficiaries of this great Briton. He died a few weeks before Jade Goody. Yet future generations will not learn of porvio eminent Dr Watson. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A perfect symbol for this crass age By Robert Hardman for the Daily Mail Published:

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